Some Casino tips to keep in mind

Some tips to keep in mindWe couldn’t conclude this column without telling you our last secrets, the ones that have kept us from falling into addiction despite the hours of gambling we’ve had behind us for years. After all, let’s face it, if you mismanage your experience, you have a chance, albeit a very small one, to become addicted to gambling. Beware, this does not only concern online gambling, everything from Rapido, Lotto, Keno, scratch cards, basically all the games distributed in our country by the FDJ are potentially dangerous, again if you abuse them.
Be careful how much time you spend playing

Don’t forget that gaming is still a hobby and that by definition you don’t spend all your time having fun at your hobbies. So you will have to control your playing time and the technique is very simple, you have to define a reasonable amount of time that you will spend playing during the week. For us, two hours a week seems to be acceptable, two sessions of one hour each will allow you to enjoy the game. Of course, that’s what we think is acceptable for us today, but then you have to adapt it to your lifestyle. You can also set limits for yourself, directly on your player account. For example, on the best English online casinos that my friend Olivier presents to you on his site, you can manage your playing time.

Be careful with the money you invest

Where you have to be careful too, and maybe more than time, is the money you invest in the casino – let’s say in gambling in general to relax – and you know that there is a relationship between money and time, because often the more time you spend online the more likely you are to invest. So what that means is that by controlling your gaming time on one side, it will have an obligatory influence on how much you will spend. In fact, we have spotted an article that will certainly interest you on the proper management of your bankroll, on the website

Then, the technique simply consists of defining a stake amount that you must respect in any case so that you never exceed the budget you set yourself at the beginning of the month. For example, you have €100 to play per month, knowing that you play two hours a week, every week, that will give you €25 per week of budget, which is very good. Knowing that you play video poker, that you make a bet every thirty seconds, you make 240 bets per session. So 25 / 240 = 0.1041 or €0.10 per bet. If you don’t exceed this bet amount, then you are sure to end your month without going over your budget but on top of that you will end up with a positive bankroll because you will have winnings during your games.

Try this, 100% of the players who have listened to us say that they are delighted to have implemented this technique which now prevents them from spending more than they originally wanted.