Being in a casino

Being in a casino If we recapitulate, the first step was to introduce you to the world of online casinos and gambling in a more general way, especially with the appropriate vocabulary, the second step was to teach you how to play the games that you will find in the casinos, the third step, you can guess it, is simply to find you an online casino to play and there, believe us, we put all our efforts in place so that you will never be disappointed, it is our reputation as players, but also and above all as a guide. So you can trust us completely when it comes to selection.

Our recommendations

Throughout our journey we will make recommendations on which online casinos you should visit. To be perfectly honest, when we started making these recommendations, we were pointed out that we are not the type of people who have our tongue in our pocket and that we are the type of people who are totally transparent and that this was not done in the industry since the unofficial rule was to stay positive about the casino even if it did not offer the quality services that it promised. We broke this rule because for us, it is not possible to lie to our readers, to you who trust us, so even today, we are recognized as “the precursors of truth” in online casino reviews, an honorary title that makes us really happy.

In order to make the criticism we are going to make really constructive, we create a profile in the casino as you would if you were interested and then we behave quite normally, i.e. we deposit, play and finally try to withdraw our winnings if we win. This allows us to retrace exactly the “path” you would be likely to take, and thus ensure that the casino is reliable.

Legislation surrounding online casinos

You know that in UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, the state does not recognise online casinos, it may indeed seem strange, but the situation is such as it is. In some of our European neighbours or even on other continents, it is nothing of the sort, online gambling is recognised and it is for this reason that online casinos are going to obtain licences in these countries. For you it doesn’t really matter but it is still interesting to know what is going on in terms of the laws, so you can learn more about the recourse you have in case you have a dispute with an online casino.

Gambling software

Finally, we will zoom in on several online casino game publishers, the best known being Betsoft or NetEnt, just for your general knowledge. You will be able to read one article per publisher to get a feel for their style and if you like it, then you will be able to find the casinos using the software so that you can play on their games.